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February 26, 2021: Weather Report And Texas Aid

It's hitting upwards of 70 degrees in Austin this week, so it's a bit unreal that just seven days ago it was single digits and our power grid was failing. We're fortunate to have come out the other side, and while much of the team was affected by power and water outages (myself included), we were still able to get a Kickstarter project launched and keep the wheels turning. 

Despite all that, we're definitely some of the lucky ones, and many people were not as lucky. Deaths, injury, property damage, and general hardship are still hanging over the heads of our fellow Austinites and there are some ways to help. If you have the ability, we've collected a few great charities that are helping people in need as well as with clean-up:

These organizations are hard at work helping get things back to normal around here, and we hope normalcy returns for everyone sooner rather than later. Power is back on for the state and water boil notices have been dropped, so that's a start. Here's hoping the rest of 2021 is a bit of a smoother ride. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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