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February 9, 2004: ConDFW

I'm going to be at ConDFW, north of Dallas, in a couple of weeks. Aiding in this evil plot will be Mia Sherman, who is my executive assistant among other hats, and Fade Manley, part of the Warehouse 23 team . . . but they will be coming mainly in their capacities as members of our Crack In-House Playtest Team. Because we are going to demo games until our eyes cross.

On our current list are four games that won't be out at the time of the con, so you can get sneak previews: GreedQuest, Chez Goth, Illuminati: Crime Lords, and Burn In Hell. (There are no links for Chez Goth and Burn In Hell yet . . . keep watching this space.)

And we're going to be prepared to run at least seven already-published games . . . Munchkin, Star Munchkin, Dork Tower, Strange Synergy, Spooks, Snits, and The Awful Green Things From Outer Space. And we'll have . . . FINALLY!! . . . the completed Cardboard Heroes Castles: Walls and Towers to show off.

And this is going to be that wonderful thing: a relatively small and intimate con with a stellar guest list. Lois McMaster Bujold (to whom I'll be reporting on GURPS Vorkosigan progress), Barry N. Malzberg, Robert Sheckley, Robert Asprin, John Steakley, Lillian Stewart Carl . . . the artist GoH is GoH Alan Gutierrez, who has done many covers for us, most recently GURPS Traveller: Nobles . . .
-- Steve Jackson

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