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February 24, 2004: ConDFW, Woo Hoo!

We're back from ConDFW. We had a great time. This was a very nice, well-organized little convention . . . small enough that you could meet all the guests, large enough to have a good roster. I was very happy. And I ran into a lot of old friends, both pro and fan, who I hadn't seen for a decade or more. That was VERY nice. Happy SJ.

The high point was spending time with Lois McMaster Bujold talking about GURPS Vorkosigan . . . and, even cooler, about writing in general. I hope I didn't fanboy TOO much.

The next-highest point was meeting a lot of fun fans, and most of them didn't fanboy (or girl) at all. And games were played! Chez Goth went over well, which is good since it goes to press this week.

The low point was so funny that even the victim didn't lose sleep about it . . . our table in the demo area was next to a miniatures layout, and one of the proprietors had some issues. Apparently cardboard minis threatened his manhood (actual quote: "Real men use metal or plastic.") And seeing them assembled by a pretty girl was clearly adding insult to injury. Okay, well, his kind gets rarer every year. There's hope.
-- Steve Jackson

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