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February 12, 2019: FnordCon: Tanks For The Memories

We're working on our activities for the super-special celebration of all things Steve Jackson Games in April, and one of our featured games will be Ogre. Perhaps you got in on the Ogre Designer's Edition, or are playing with a Sixth Edition set or Miniatures, or even looking forward to the retro stylings of classic Ogre as part of our ongoing Pocket Box Kickstarter. Drew Metzger, the Ogre Line Editor, will be on hand all weekend to play Ogre and answer questions about current – and future – Ogre projects. (And we might even talk Steve Jackson into doing an "everyone versus Steve" Ogre event as well . . .)

If you can make it to Austin April 6 and 7, we've got the giant cybernetic tanks you've been looking for! Visit the FnordCon page for more information. And if you can't make it, but want a cool souvenir of our very first FnordCon, check out our convention T-shirt and Silipint tumbler on Warehouse 23!

-- Alex Yeager

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