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February 27, 2019: Illuminati Pocket Box And Expansions Now On Kickstarter

Our Pocket Box campaign closes in a few days, and we're happy to report that the backers have unlocked so many classic Illuminati titles that it is almost as good as having access to a time machine! So far, for the Illuminati fans in the audience, the campaign includes:

  • Illuminati Pocket Box - The original game!
  • Illuminati Expansion Set 1 - More cards for your game, packed inside a hard plastic Pocket Box.
  • Illuminati Expansion Set 2 - Complete with an "I've Been Illuminated" button, packed inside a Pocket Box.
  • Two different Illuminati 9-inch by 12-inch pocket folders, perfect for transporting those classified documents that you've been smuggling between nations.

And that's not all! We're now within $5,000 of unlocking the $180,000 stretch goal: Illuminati Expansion Set 3! This ziplock-bag expansion adds a "board" to the game and changes things up, but you'll only know the secrets of the set if we can unlock that stretch goal before the campaign closes on Friday . . .

UPDATE: Illuminati Expansion Set 3 has been unlocked.

Join Illuminati today!

-- Phil Reed

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