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February 17, 2019: Pocket Box Games: In Stores?

Our Pocket Box games campaign on Kickstarter continues to unlock stretch goals and move ever upward, with more than 1,100 backers pledging over $125,000 to bring back several of the Steve Jackson Games titles of the '80s. You can find the complete list of available games and expansions on the Kickstarter page, but one question not answered on Kickstarter is: Which of these games and expansions will be in stores?

At this moment, we're not sure. The expansions are unlikely to be offered to distributors  though we will sell the expansions on Warehouse 23  and we know that not all of the Pocket Box games will be in stores, but we've not yet finalized which titles are destined for distribution release. We'll make that decision in a month or so . . . well after the Kickstarter campaign has ended.

For now, our focus is on the Kickstarter campaign. If there are any of the Pocket Box games (and related expansions) that you absolutely must add to your game collection, we suggest joining the project to guarantee that you get the games and expansions you want. As a bonus, every new project backer takes us closer to unlocking even more stretch goals . . . let's make this as big a campaign as we can and unlock even more stuff, gang!

-- Phil Reed

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