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February 12, 2022: New Colossal Munchkin Level Dice Now On Indiegogo!

If you missed out on the giant Munchkin d10 we released last fall, now's your chance to add one of these almost one-pound dice to your collection! At Indiegogo, as a part of our FnordCon Swag campaign, we're offering three colors of these giant dice . . . and these new colors include game cards! 

We have a limited number of the new Munchkin dice available at the moment, so please act fast if you want to be one of the first in your game group to receive this giant level die.

You may join the Indiegogo campaign today. Project ends on Monday, February 14, and the dice are scheduled to ship in May.

-- Phil Reed

Say "Be Mine" With Candy Heart Dice

Valentine's Day. A day of passion, romance . . . and surprisingly mediocre candy. On this day, more than any, one must make a bold move, and sometimes even roll the dice on a new love. And boy, do we have the dice to roll for this one! The Candy Heart d6 Dice Set is one of our most popular sets: a truly inspired interpretation of the classic candy heart colors and messages. They look so good you could eat them.*

They're so iconic that we even included them in our February Freebies sale on Warehouse 23! During this month you can get them with an order of $75 or more, for free (along with a lot of other swag). So there's really no excuse not to show your sweetheart that their love is a critical hit.

Pick up a set on its own, or check out our sale to get your own Candy Heart d6 Dice Set. I know you'll love them.

*Please don't eat the dice. I know candy hearts taste bad, but dice taste worse.

-- Hunter Shelburne

Candy Heart Dice

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