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February 13, 2022: New FnordCon Swag A Thumb Drive Full Of Stuff!

Thanks to the great response to the "I can't come to FnordCon but I want the swag!" campaign on IndieGoGo, now with over 400 supporters, we've added a great new goodie. This is not a stretch goal - we just dropped it in.

It's a 4-gig USB drive in credit-card format, with the FnordCon 5 logo. But it's what's "inside" that counts.

• From SJ Games: The complete Melee game; the winners of the Fantasy Trip postcard adventure contest; GURPS Lite and Ultra-Lite; Car Wars kill stickers and the new game rules; a Munchkin coloring book and face mask. Plus music (the Ogre theme) and a free STL miniature file (octopus!!) Plus the #1 issues of Pyramid and Hexagram. Plus the "Great Salt Flats" hex map. Plus two coloring books: O is for Octopus and the Munchkin Alphabet.

• From Gaming Ballistic: No matter what your game system, Gaming Ballistic has (a preview of) something for you. Are you a TFT fan?  Three solos, a five-book "adventure path," two one-shots, a setting book, and four volumes of ready-to-play characters. Dungeon Fantasy RPG? Thirteen different books, from the Delvers to Grow quick-starts supporting play from zero to hero, five different setting/adventure books, three small supplements for character generation and rules, and a preview of the brand new 192-page, full-color Bestiary. Finally, if your friends only play That Other Game, help them take a half-step to GURPS or TFT with the Dragon Heresy RPG. Set in the same world as the Powered by GURPS Nordlond setting, Dragon Heresy is what happens when 5e gets tweaked out by an SJG fan and author. Includes the Dragon Heresy Basic Combat rules, showcasing low-level heroes of the melee variety with completely playable combat rules, so you can take it for a test drive.

• From Wintertree Software: A demo version (limited to short tables) of TableMaster; example output from all the tables in the Table Packs; the program TextJiggler; four 1001 Things sampler collections; the full Cowboy, Crowley, and d12 with Pips fonts; the Adventurers and the 1001 Things story collection; an assortment of PDF borders for making handouts; ready-to-print hex paper in both US and UK sizes; the Business Card Dungeon in both human and TableMaster form; and an Alberti cipher disc to print and assemble.

Again, the campaign for the swag, now including all those lovely files, is right here on IndieGoGo. But I would be remiss if I did not encourage you - if you can make it, and if the country is less plagued in a couple of months - to come to FnordCon in person. Austin, Texas . . . April 29 through May 1.

-- Steve Jackson

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