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February 19, 2021: Coming To Kickstarter: 1976 Ogre Playtest Booklet


As we mentioned yesterday, we're participating in the Zine Quest event at Kickstarter with the Illuminated Manuscript, a collection of web articles and unpublished material.

The Illuminated Manuscript isn't alone, though, as we have something a little unusual and very special that will be offered in the campaign. The 1976 Ogre Playtest Booklet is an 8.5" x 11" saddle-stitched zine that reprints Steve's Ogre playtest set . . . dated November 4, 1976! We have scanned in Steve's typewritten pages -- complete with notes! -- and assembled what is sure to be a fun addition to any Ogre player's library.

Please follow the project on Kickstarter for email notification when the project launches next week. This project is scheduled to both launch and close next week, so the window of opportunity to join the campaign is quite small.

NOTE: The 1976 Ogre Playtest Booklet will be released as a free PDF after the campaign is over. News to come!

-- Phil Reed

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