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February 22, 2004: Programmer Wanted, Again

Last year, we posted a call for a programmer and got a few . . . but it turned out we weren't quite ready for them.


We're reopening the call. If you've already applied, please apply again. (This is your chance to tout all those skills you've buffed up since the last time!) We are looking for someone to write a program on the same level of complexity as our existing software, GURPS Character Builder and GURPS Vehicle Builder. Our ideal candidate has extensive XML experience, several completed projects on his résumé, and cross-platform coding skills, but we'll look at people with only some XML background or who only know one platform.

This is not a staff position. The programmer will receive an advance and generous royalties on the finished piece of software. If you are interested, please e-mail your résumé to Devin Ganger, Computer Projects Coordinator. Title the file resume-YOURNAMEHERE.XXX (where XXX is DOC, PDF, whatever), or just include it as text (no HTML, please!) in the body of your e-mail.

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