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January 3, 2022: Kickstarter Reports, January 2022 Update

Somehow, it is now 2022. This means it has now been three years since Ben Richards took down Damon Killien and his corrupt televison game show. Good thing, because I'd hate to think we're living in a dystopian, totalitarian world where the wealthy can get away with anything and the people are manipulated and oppressed by the media.

But I've forgotten my reason for being here, which is to present our monthly report detailing the status of active Kickstarter campaigns. At the moment, we have four ongoing projects, two of which are likely to complete fulfillment in the next few months and one that is still funding on Kickstarter. (But not for long; The Fantasy Trip Foes campaign closes on Tuesday, so act fast!)

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The Fantasy Trip Foes, STL Miniatures for Fantasy RPGs

  • December 13, 2021 to January 4, 2022
  • Well over 500 backers and still funding
  • Our first STL miniatures project! This campaign is for those who own 3D resin printers – or have access to them – and wish to print fantasy minis for use with The Fantasy Trip, the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, or almost any other tabletop fantasy RPG that supports tactical play on a map.

GURPS Girl Genius

  • October 20 to November 8
  • 2,915 backers and ahead of schedule
  • The books are printed and scheduled to ship to the fulfillment sites in the U.S. and U.K. this month. Those backers who selected PDF rewards were sent their files last month, which is well ahead of the May 2022 estimated delivery date. We fully expect U.K. and EU fulfillment to start in February and U.S. fulfillment to begin just as soon as the books reach the warehouse.

Random Fun Generator 2, Dice Games from Steve Jackson Games

  • September 23 to September 30
  • 1,533 backers and ahead of schedule
  • Backers who selected only PDF rewards have all of their files and the print books are scheduled to complete printing later this month. At the moment, it looks like fulfillment of print rewards will happen in February.

Car Wars Sixth Edition by Steve Jackson Games

  • November 29 (2019) to January 6 (2020)
  • 3,936 backers, behind schedule
  • U.S. fulfillment is complete! International shipping is scheduled to start this month. It will not be a fast process. We have to pack rewards and then ship them to different fulfillment points around the world. We'll update the Kickstarter campaign as things move ahead.

That puts us at one project funding, one actively in the fulfillment stage, and the remaining two getting close to fulfillment. To accelerate the fulfillment of GURPS Girl Genius and Random Fun Generator 2, we are working with a different warehouse, which leaves the Warehouse 23 team clear to focus on Car Wars Sixth Edition international rewards. Tapping an outside warehouse to help with fulfillment costs us more, but it clears the decks faster and gets the rewards into the hands of backers quicker than if Warehouse 23 handled all of the packing and shipping.

Please follow both Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 on Kickstarter so that you don't miss any of our upcoming campaigns.

-- Phil Reed

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