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January 13, 2022: Indiegogo Projects Update

Projects, yes. We have two open projects at Indiegogo, both of which have been manufactured, and we're now just waiting for them to arrive so that we can ship the project perks to the supporters. Indiegogo doesn't get a lot of our attention – the userbase is a fraction of Kickstarter, and the site has been best for our smaller crowdfunding efforts – but we have found it is a useful platform and plan to keep turning to it for the occasional new projects and ideas.

At the moment, our two active Indiegogo projects are:

Car Wars Sixth Edition Double Drum Arena Playmat

  • Our first 4' x 6' playmat for use with the new Car Wars Sixth Edition game brings one of the old Arena Book favorites to the new game system . . . and scale! We printed a handful of copies of the playmat over what we needed to cover the Indiegogo supporters and Warehouse 23 pre-orders, so there's a good chance that these won't be available for long once we do open up sales to the wider world. As much as we would like to keep these on hand at Warehouse 23 for several months, the playmats are just too big to have laying around and cluttering up the place. 

Circuit d6 Dice Set

  • These custom six-sided dice feature a circuit board pattern running across the edges of five of the six sides. (Manufacturing limitations prevented us from crossing all six sides of the dice with the continuous pattern, so we made the "one" side unconnected from the other five.) The dice have arrived, and Warehouse 23 will ship the packages to project supporters just as fast as they can fit the work into their schedule. Remaining dice sets will be offered on Warehouse 23 in the future.

What's next for us at Indiegogo? We're not 100% decided, but we do have a few ideas and will make an announcement once our next Indiegogo campaign is open and ready for your support.

-- Phil Reed

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