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January 4, 2022: The Fantasy Trip Foes Campaign Ends Today

Today is the final day to support our STL miniature Kickstarter campaign for The Fantasy Trip Foes, featuring dozens of fantasy sculpts ranging from skeletons to octopi to orcs – and even the legendary Long Lankin. While these miniatures have been designed for use with The Fantasy Trip, they're timeless designs that work for pretty much any tabletop roleplaying game! Plus, you're getting the files for sculpts to print on your own 3D printer anytime you want, or you can use a third-party site like Shapeways to print them out.

We're very excited about the success of this campaign! Hopefully, we can use this system to bring you a variety of miniature lines. If you're reading this before 4 p.m. CST, you still have a chance to back the campaign!

-- Hunter Shelburne

The Fantasy Trip Foes

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