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January 15, 2022: Asmodee & Dark Horse Purchased By Embracer Group

The landscape of tabetop gaming (and comics) has seen a seismic shift with the acquisition of tabletop company Asmodee and comic company Dark Horse by Embracer Group, an investment firm. While it doesn't involve us directly, this is huge for the industry, with the Asmodee acquisition being in the range of $3 billion. If there was any doubt that the industry is growing rapidly, that doubt has evaporated. Eight years ago Asmodee was purchased for (only) $143 million. Dark Horse being under the same umbrella could prove for some interesting crossover as well.

Fortunately Embracer has a history of growing brands rather than holding and flipping, so here's hoping a rising tide raises all boats for us in gaming.

-- Hunter Shelburne

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