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January 19, 2012: Freebie Jeebies!

Epic Munchkin

We were poking the sales numbers on e23 the other day, and we saw something interesting. We've always known that freebies are popular among digital shoppers (the price is right!), but we noticed that every year there's a spike in downloads of Epic Munchkin just after Christmas, which continues into the new year.

I'm guessing this is because folks get new Munchkin sets for the holidays, and they're looking for ideas of how to keep the fun going in a new and interesting way . . . and the Epic rules certainly qualify!

There's a smaller end-of-year spike with other e23 freebies, including GURPS Lite, the Munchkin Tournament Rules, and the Ars Magica 4th Edition Core Rulebook (possibly because folks are trying out their new iPads or other PDF-reading gizmos), but nothing like Epic Munchkin.

If you're testing your own gadgety gift or otherwise want to discover how quick and easy it is to shop at e23, you can't go wrong with checking our select list of samples or our complete collection of all free items currently available. And if you haven't done so already, get online and get Epic -- a jillion other Munchkins can't be wrong!

-- Steven Marsh

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