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July 2, 2015: Illuminated Site of the Week: Arsenic And Alsace

Illuminated Site of the Week:
Touring France sounds romantic, and it is so long as you avoid areas riddled with unexploded munitions from the Great War. Even a century later the poisons and artillery unleashed in that terrible conflict have rendered parts of the countryside uninhabitable. Known as Zone Rouge (the Red Zone), people aren't allowed to visit some spots let alone live there, and the only creatures within are the rare species that know where the potable water is and the humans who recover lethal shells still lying in wait. Sounds like the start of a weird Horror campaign except it's all grusomely real . . . which is not to say you can't use it. For the story, which will leave you feeling like you need a shower, go here.
-- Suggested by Pook

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