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July 7, 2015: Star Munchkin 3 Includes Something Special: "Bonus Card Inside!"

Many, many years after the release of Star Munchkin 2 we're finally ready to ship Star Munchkin 3 to stores! This new 112-card tuckbox expansion is on a boat and headed toward our primary warehouse, and after reviewing the official announcement we posted in February it turns out that we forgot to share one detail about this new expansion.

The first printing of Star Munchkin 3 includes a bonus card! We plan to remove this bonus card from later printings, so if you're at all interested in the card we recommend contacting your favorite local game store today and asking to pre-order Star Munchkin 3. If you do not know where your local store is please check our store finder, and to make life as easy as possible for your retailer (and to guarantee that your pre-order is from the first printing) you can find the necessary specifications -- official title, UPC, and stock number -- on the Star Munchkin 3 page

To celebrate the launch of this new expansion for Star Munchkin we're also bringing back the Space Ships booster. PEW! PEW! It's a great summer for sci-fi hilarity!

-- Phil Reed

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