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July 20, 2015: Dopple Spyke's Disappearing In A Blink

What is DoDopple Spykepple Spyke, you may ask? This vinyl Funko figure comes in the two-tone color scheme, just like the original printings of Munchkin, as a nod to the game's history. So it's like vintage-colored! These are disappearing fast.

While it's been super successful, we've no plans to reprint this through Funko. We still have the full color and glow-in-the-dark Spyke toys available, but for people who love collectible toys, be sure to add the Dopple Spyke to your collection. It includes an exclusive Munchkin card, too!

Find it now at your favorite local game store or online at Warehouse 23!

-- Anna Meade

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