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July 5, 2004: Boom! Oooooooooooooooooo!

We celebrated Independence Day in proper style . . . pyromaniacally. On Saturday the 3rd we had an office party in honor of GURPS Fourth Edition going to press. Phil Reed hosted it at his country estate, out where there are no laws against fireworks. Guess how we spent the hour after nightfall? We started with sparklers and snaps and worked up to those shells that have a loooong fuse and a warning that says "Light and get away fast. WE MEAN IT, YOU FOOL!"

My own favorites were the Saturns, the sparkly noisy Killer Bees, and the one with the label that said "Shoots Glowing Balls And Reports." Which caused Andrew and I to say in unison, "I have shot glowing balls, SIR!"

And for the Fourth, a much smaller party went to a spot I know, strategically situated overlooking the city, and watched the municipal fireworks display sans crowds and noise. Took along a boom box, a John Phillips Sousa CD, and a picnic basket. Indeed, sometimes the old ways are best.

Hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July and avoided personal injury and property damage!
-- Steve Jackson

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