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June 5, 2004: Munchkin Bites!

Okay, so Munchkin Blender hasn't even gone to press yet and you're already working on another one?

Well, yes. You know you want it.

Munchkin Bites! will be a stand-alone game which, like the previous Munchkin sequels, will be combinable with the others. In this game, you become Vampires, Werewolves, and Changelings . . . or unholy crossbreeds . . . bashing through a haunted house, slaughtering the other monsters and everything else you find. Any vague resemblance to a certain soon-to-be-late World of Not-Much-Light is strictly . . . hee hee . . . well, you'll see.

Munchkin Bites! is illustrated by John Kovalic. John practically MADE us do this game, in fact, just so he could draw a lot more vampire pictures of Gilly, Igor, and the rest of the Dork Tower crew. As you see, he had a good time . . .

I had a good time, too, at the last playtest. I was a sex-changed vampirESS with Goth Boots, a Punk Hairdo, a Maniac Minion, and the Bat Bat and several really cool powers, including Metathesis, Transmogrification, and Celeritousness. And I won. Faced a Wind-Up Skull . . . a FLUFFY wind-Up Skull . . . and demolished it. Insert evil laughter here!

Munchkin Bites! will ship in October. Of course.
-- Steve Jackson

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