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July 5, 2014: ICV2 At ACD Games Day

ACD Distribution has a Games Day every year in Madison, Wisconsin. ACD invites publishers and retailers to come and go to panels and visit the show floor, but the highlight for most people is the open game session in the evening. (Also the cookout the next day.) (Mmm, cookout.)

Sorry, I got distracted.

In many ways, it feels more like a small convention than a typical trade show, and that's great.

This year, the game journalists at ICv2 sent one of their own to ACD to report on what was happening. Scott Thorne's article has some previews of upcoming games, but the part we especially liked was the discussion toward the end of the piece about game licensing, using Munchkin as one of the primary examples of both inbound and outbound licenses. It's a great article and y'all should read it.

Thanks to Scott and everyone at ICv2 for the story and to ACD for having us up to the show!

-- Andrew Hackard

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