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July 9, 2006: Russia Is Science Fiction

Two of the most popular questions which Websurfers asked to be posed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in hopes he would answer them on a live webcast, included . . .
  • whether he will use giant humanoid robots to defend Russia, and
  • what he thinks about the rising of Cthulhu.
Or so we were assured earlier this week by a Reuters story. Go read it; see for yourself!

But the webcast has now taken place, and news reports didn't mention either of these issues at all, focusing instead on Putin's explanation of why he had kissed a young boy on the stomach.

Clearly, he did it to DISTRACT US! And it worked! The interviewers were completely put off! What does this mean? If Cthulhu is about to rise, and Putin is deploying an army of giant robots to protect the Russian heartland, isn't this IMPORTANT? Rise up, people of Russia and the world! Demand the truth!
-- Steve Jackson

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