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July 9, 2015: Welcome (Back) Alain!

Old-time fans may remember the name Alain H. Dawson. She was our Art Director in the late 1990s and was responsible, among MANY other coups, for bringing us Chez Geek and for hiring Phil Reed to be her replacement after she was promoted to Managing Editor. Alain was also my boss when I transitioned from a brief stint in the marketing office (which was actually Steve's office closet -- really!) to the editorial division.

I am very pleased to announce that Alain is back in the fold! She has joined us, working as the Munchkin Licensing Manager. She's going to be our liaison with our third-party publishers such as Boom! Studios and USAopoly, taking a lot of the routine back-and-forth off my plate so that I can focus on the bigger picture and get some more time for design work. And our partners should see faster responses, since Alain has nothing distracting her!

It's always nice to reconnect with old friends, and it's doubly nice when we can do it in a way that is a win for everyone involved. Thanks to Alain for stepping in, and welcome back to the Steve Jackson Games family!

-- Andrew Hackard

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