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July 9, 2018: Munchkin Musings: July 2018


Greetings from the world of Munchkin!

FIRST: have you backed our Kickstarter for Munchkin Unicorns and Friends? The project keeps getting bigger as we knock down stretch goals, and your pledge will help! This fun set has art from Katie Cook, Ian McGinty, and Len Peralta, with cards featuring funny cows, creepy undead, and (of course) sparkly unicorns. The Kickstarter ends July 20.

We're hard at work on our last bits of Gen Con prep, including three nights at the Munchkin Tavern. We'll have signings each night as well as our usual Munchkin-themed menu and all the Tavern swag you could want. Plus, all weekend (or until we run out), we'll be giving away promos for our super-secret new 2019 Munchkin game, and you will not want to miss hearing about this one! During the day, we'll be running demos of Munchkin Starfinder and loads of other games, and a few lucky people will get to play a secret Munchkin game with me each afternoon . . . come by the booth to find out how! Be sure to visit our friends at Adventure Retail to pick up any Munchkin items you may have missed.

The Munchkin Collectible Card Game continues to be very popular; we've already gone back for a second printing of The Desolation of Blarg and Fashion Furious will be out next month. Last month, we released the Introductory Set, everything two players need to build decks with any two Heroes, and next month, we'll also have the Phat Pack: 62 cards including two (from a set of 12) that are exclusive to this set! We always have the latest information at munchkinccg.game . . . bookmark it, if you haven't already.

Important question: Is it party time? (Answer: It's always party time!) Make your next party a Munchkin party with the Munchkin Party Pack: 15 cards you can add to your Munchkin game, plus another 15 cards that are the perfect party favors for your backstabbing, monster-slaying, loot-hoarding friends. Just be sure to keep a few for yourself! This will be shipping in November but you can start letting stores know you want it right now.

Next month, we'll have a lot to talk about: our Gen Con after-action report, more details about our special announcements at the show, the final wrapup of the Unicorns and Friends Kickstarter, and a status report on upcoming Munchkin games from our friends in the industry. See you then!

-- Andrew Hackard

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