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July 10, 2022: One Roll Quest, A Micro-RPG By Steve Jackson Now On Kickstarter!


Technically, you can grab One Roll Quest right now from our online store, Warehouse 23. We know many of you prefer to get as much in one shipment as possible these days (understandable, with the way postage rates keep climbing), so your best deal on this game at the moment is the $15 reward on the One Roll Chronicles Kickstarter campaign that comes to a close tomorrow.

What is One Roll Quest? This tiny, fast-playing roleplaying game was designed by Steve Jackson and includes everything you need for the fastest RPG session you'll ever experience. Each player selects a character card and then the One Roll Quest six-sided die is tossed to generate all of the results necessary to run through an RPG adventure of your own design. The game's included prompts give you just enough guidance to trigger your imagination; all of the story details are made up by you and the others at the table after you resolve the dice roll.

One Roll Chronicles brings way more to the table. With this adventure, you'll roll the die more than once before the game comes to an end. Even with more rolling of the dice, the core rules remain the same: roll the die, read the results, and then spin a tale to fill in the gaps.

One Roll Quest is far from a serious roleplaying experience and One Roll Chronicles continues the silly, over-the-top joy of the original game. As an added bonus, the Kickstarter supporters have unlocked One Roll Pizza, One Roll Dragon, and the postcard-sized game, A Slumbering Dragon

Join the One Roll Chronicles Kickstarter campaign today! The project offers both PDF and print rewards, making it easy for almost every single one of you to participate in the tiniest, lightest, and quickest roleplaying game we've ever published.

-- Phil Reed

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