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August 10, 2022: Thank You, Meeple Mountain! A Look At Deadly Doodles 2

Last month, we shared Meeple Mountain's how-to-play and review video of Deadly Doodles, our family-friendly draw-n-draw game for one to four players. That video does an excellent job of introducing the basics of the Deadly Doodles gameplay and is recommended if you've not yet played the game. You can find that first video in this Daily Illuminator post.

In addition to the original game, Meeple Mountain also created and posted a video review and overview of Deadly Doodles 2, the expansion that adds six more maps to the game as well as several new mechanics that grow more and more challenging with each map. Thank you, Brody, for your time invested in creating both of these videos. We appreciate the promotional boost and we hope that many, many gamers and gamer parents take a little time to watch your videos and then take a shot at playing Deadly Doodles with their friends and families. 

-- Phil Reed

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