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July 13, 2014: A Visit To Geek Chic

Last month, during a visit to the Funko offices to discuss the upcoming Munchkin toys (announced here), I stopped by and visited our friends at Geek Chic. For those two or three of you who have never heard of Geek Chic before, I give you this quick description of thier business:

  • Geek Chic makes awesome furniture for gamers.

Seriously, I'm talking AWE-SOME furniture. I own two pieces -- a beautiful Hoplite coffee table and a fully-customized and over-sized Game Master Valet that I use as my rolling office at home -- and have been planning to buy one of the tables to use in the kitchen (just as soon as I recover from the last home makeover that was inspired by buying the two pieces of furniture I now own).

While at the Geek Chic offices and factory I was given a tour of the operation and was impressed; I've been inside furniture factories before, but this was more like visiting an artist's workshop than a simple factory. Everywhere we went there were experimentations in woodworking, prototypes, and surprises. AND the entire time I was there all I could keep thinking was:

"Geek Chic needs to manufacture furniture and gaming supplies for Munchkin."

Geek Chic Geek Chic Geek Chic Geek Chic

-- Phil Reed

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