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July 19, 2011: Munchkin 8 - Your Subtitle Here

As announced during our most recent uStream chat, we're running a contest to find the best subtitle for Munchkin 8 (to be released next spring), a 112-card expansion that introduces the Centaur and Lizard Guy races.

E-mail your entries to contest@sjgames.com by noon Austin time on Tuesday, July 26. We'll pick a winner from those entries, who will receive credit in the game rules and a free copy of Munchkin 8 signed by Steve, John, Andrew, and Angie.

The rules:

  1. It must be short. We can't fit a 20-word subtitle on the cover and still have room for cool art.
  2. It must be funny. Lame entries will be ignored. REALLY lame entries will be posted on the office bulletin board for general mockery.
  3. It must be original. No poaching on other people's trademarks, no matter how funny your idea is.
  4. If we get multiple suggestions of the winning idea, the person to suggest it first gets the credit. You snooze, you lose.
  5. We reserve the right to toss all the ideas if none of them are good enough.

All entries become the property of Steve Jackson Games. We might save the other good ones and use them later!

-- Andrew Hackard

Where's Andrew Today?

Today, Andrew will be showing off the Munchkin line at two stores: from 1-4 pm, Aero Hobbies and Games of Santa Monica CA; and from 7 pm to close, Emerald Knights in Burbank. Stop in and say hi!

-- Paul Chapman

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