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July 20, 2014: Thank You To Kristin And Andy Looney!

While our offices were closed over the 4th of July week I visited Washington, D.C. with my wife, Gina, where we stopped at Ford's Theatre, spent time exploring the American History Museum, located some fantastic Oz books at Second Story Books (I still want a Munchkin Oz game), and even got a chance to attend the elaborate fireworks display right on the National Mall. Overall it was a great week in the nation's capital, but there was one treat that I'm sure many gamers would have loved:

Gina and I visited the Looney Labs offices and then attended Kristin and Andy Looney's game night at their home. Yep, we joined in on the fun and sat down to play Forbidden Island, Panic Lab (Ow, my head! Let's play again!), and TransAmerica . . . not to mention all of the other games that were going on around us at the time.

I cannot thank Kristen and Andy enough for making us feel so welcome while at the Looney Labs office, and for inviting us to game at their home. This is why I love the game industry so very much: There's friendly competition between companies, but in the end all any of us really care about is making and playing great games.

-- Phil Reed

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