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July 21, 2014: Munchkin, Foil, And A New Box

Back in May we posted a photo to Twitter showing off a new Munchkin foil box. 

A few weeks ago we posted another pic to Twitter showing the back of the new box.

Responses both times were favorable, but the most popular response was a question: "Where can I get this shiny new box?"

This new Munchkin foil box is an alternate version of the core Munchkin game, specifically intended for mass market sales. We created this new box in consultation with several of our partners and the great sales team at PSI. Instead of the two-part box we've been using, this is a one-piece, hinged box with modifications to the graphic design. The new box back has been completely reworked to be as friendly as we could make it and is intended to give prospective buyers a quick overview of the game.

The contents are exactly the same as the Munchkin box many of you already own, so there's no need to rush out and grab one unless you desperately want the box itself. We may play with some special variations on this foil box in the future, but the standard version shown in the two tweets is different only in that the box design has changed . . . and it's shiny.

And as the first tweet said: Foil isn't magic.

-- Phil Reed

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