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July 22, 2018: Crowdfunding Focus: Killing Lee Garvin


Rarely does a game ask you to kill someone outright, but Killing Lee Garvin does just that. Ironically, this project is all about helping. Lee is a renowned game designer who's come upon a rough patch, and through the help of this Kickstarter, friends are helping him get back on his feet. (Everyone hits a rough patch, some worse than others, and in the game industry, we don't always have a great parachute or safety net to save us.)

In addition to the funds for the campaign going to help Lee, he will also donate a portion of the funds to the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund, which assists people in the game industry who hit tough times. Not only is this a great cause, the game looks fun, to boot! The humor is spot on, and if you like Munchkin, it looks like this may be up your alley. 

You can back on Kickstarter now. There's about a week and a half left in the campaign, and they are almost to the goal! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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