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June 1, 2018: The Desolation Of Blarg Is In Stores Now!

The Desolation Of Blarg

Fans of the Munchkin Collectible Card Game have been on pins and needles, anticipating the first expansion, but the wait is over: The Desolation of Blarg is in stores now!

This 124-card expansion features new cards for each class, and new themes around which to build your decks. There is a focus on Monster types, like Beastie, Spirit, and Yokai, in addition to an assortment of cards to help existing strategies. Also, due to a randomization issue that we mentioned in a previous article, the first wave of boosters will have a greater ratio of Rare and higher-rarity cards. This means that collectors have a better chance of pulling rares in each pack, so if you're a treasure hunter, get yours early! The second wave of boosters will have the normal rarity distribution.

With this release, we also introduce the second Organized Play Kit, with the Flamingo Wanderer and new promo cards! Retailers can send us email to find out more and get a kit. Let your game store know that you want Organized Play at your store

Check out all the awesome new cards you can get in our Card Search, or you can watch as we crack some packs on #SJGamesLive. Our friends at Bower's Game Corner and To The Table also had fun opening boosters of the set, so give them a look as well.

Join in the fun at your local game store today, and if you don't have a store near you, we still have some stock available through Warehouse 23. But please, support your local game store if you have the means; that's how they know you are interested, and are more likely to run events! 

We're also running a contest to win even more promo stuff by sharing your booster pack pulls on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Simply post a picture of your The Desolation of Blarg booster pulls using the hashtag #BlargBooster to enter, and we'll randomly select entries on Monday to win some brand new promos, and maybe more surprises!

Speaking of events, the fun doesn't stop there! We'll have The Desolation of Blarg Release Events the weekend of June 8-10. You can find a participating game store near you (see store for exact date and time). These events will feature the second Organized Play kit, as well as the Potted Plant promo card, and are perfect for beginners and veterans alike. Check out an event near you, and make sure you get that free loot!

Once you've had a chance to build and update your deck, you may also want to look at our Regional tournament series, happening throughout the summer. These are higher-level tournaments, but still open to anyone, regardless of skill. You can find a list of participating stores here

To properly check off your cards to make sure you get them all, check out this article. Then get out to your local game store and be one of the first to get your hands on the newest The Desolation of Blarg cards!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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