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June 16, 2018: GURPS Classic Summer Sale!

GURPS Classic: Atlantis

GURPS Classic: Autoduel

Get ready for summer1 in style, with a sale on all GURPS Classic PDF supplements. Shop now, and you'll get 23% off of all manner of beloved GURPS goodies.

Start your summer plans with the best-selling Revised GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition. Then visit scenic GURPS China, make friends with GURPS Aliens, take to the open road with GURPS Autoduel, and maybe even find yourself lost in GURPS Atlantis.

And although the 23 percent was numerically inspired by our own Warehouse 23, you can also get big savings on Classic volumes at DriveThruRPG, if you prefer!

But hurry! Summer may be around a while, but this sale is only here through June 22!

-- Steven Marsh

* * *

1 . . . or winter, if you're one of our friends in the southern hemisphere!

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