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June 13, 2018: The Fantasy Trip Kickstarter Launches Soon!

On July 23, we will launch a Kickstarter for a big box of Fantasy Trip goodies. The Legacy Edition will contain, not the traditional three books of an old-school RPG, but two complete games and one fat book. To be specific: it will have Melee and Wizard, each as a boxed minigame with its own map and die-cut counters, and a 160-page In The Labyrinth that will be a reorganization of the material covered in the original In The Labyrinth, Advanced Melee, and Advanced Wizard. It will also have one skinny book – the 24-page Tollenkar's Lair adventure, plus (as it originally should have been) the labyrinth map in full color. We're going to offer this for just $60.

And that's just the basic goal. We're going to offer stretch goals to enhance Melee and Wizard, to put the two Death Test books into the mix, to add die-cut cardstock megahexes that you can use to map your adventures, and more. (I'm working on a ref screen right now. It will be playtested soon on the forums, where we have an active TFT discussion going.)

Over the next weeks, I'll be posting articles about TFT and bits of new material as well. Come along for the ride!

-- Steve Jackson

NOTE: We're working with our Kickstarter fulfillment partners to find a solution for international supporters; if at all possible, this project will be EU- and Canada-friendly. More news to come before the launch on July 23. -- Phil

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