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June 2, 2005: Here Come The Dice

This year, getting products out the door has been like pulling teeth, except we don't get any of the nice stuff that lets you sleep through the screamy part.

The Munchkin Dice have been infuriatingly delayed. We had samples at the GTS, and we expected to be shipping shortly thereafter. But first the manufacturer didn't get finished, and then the manufacturer didn't seem to realize he was actually expected to SHIP them, and then the boat they were supposed to go on did the sit-in-port thing rather than the cross-the-briny-deep thing. And then, when the container of dice finally made it to the States, it was pulled for X-raying, just in case they were, you know, EVIL dice.

But they're now on their way to Vegas for assembly. And soon, knock on wood, we shall announce that they are on their way to your stores. Buy some quick . . . before aliens abduct them all, or something.
-- Steve Jackson

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