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June 5, 2005: A Thousand Munchkins!

John Kovalic writes to say:

"At some point in the last two weeks, I passed the 1,000 card milestone for Munchkin.

Munchkin - 168 or so cards
Star Munchkin - 165 or so cards
Munchkin Bites! - 165 or so cards
Super Munchkin - 165 or so cards
Unnatural Axe - 110 or so cards
Clerical Errors - 110 or so cards
Clown Wars - 100 or so cards
Munchkin Blender - 110 or so cards
European Munchkin cards and other promos - around 25
Munchkin Dice - 12 cards

Rough total - 1,130 or so cards!

It'd be fun to find out find EXACTLY what the 1,000th card was . . ."

It would, indeed, and I doubt we'll ever figure it out, since we send John the art specs in long lists, and most are perfect the first try, but some get redone . . . so it will probably remain a mystery.

But a thousand cards! Cool!
-- Steve Jackson

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