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June 6, 2004: The Eye Of The Pyramid Is On You

Down in the depths of the warehouse, we have a few little . . . research projects. Investigations into the nature of beings from other realities, how to build a better conspiracy, applesauce bread recipe modifications, you know how it goes: the usual projects one uses to fill up slow times between the coverups.

Lately we've had our intern Rupert looking into the mysteries of the pyramids; it's a good beginner's project, after all. Unfortunately, there was an . . . incident . . . involving ancient texts, a scale model of the Great Pyramid, and a crate of special items from the warehouse. We were able to clean up the mess, but we're reasonably sure we're not going to be seeing Rupert again. (Not in the same form that we last saw him, anyway.)

Fortunately, there's a plus side to this whole affair: before his untimely end, Rupert came up with a snazzy T-shirt design featuring the all-seeing eye in the pyramid that had been haunting his dreams for so many nights. Or at least, that's how we interpreted the bloody scrawls we found in the room during the cleanup. It's a cheerful, smiling pyramid done in a nice happy blue, and all of us here at Warehouse 23 think it's a sign that the pyramid wants to be our friend.

Buy a T-shirt. For Rupert, who gave us so much. (And this has nothing to do with that recent call for entry-level position applicants. Really. )

-- Fade, Warehouse 23 Clerk

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