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June 13, 2004: Using Third Edition Books With Fourth Edition

We continue to get questions about what the Fourth Edition of GURPS will have on existing campaigns. We know that our fans have a significant investment in the current edition of GURPS. One of our goals in the Fourth Edition design process was to make sure that your entire library would not become obsolete overnight.

Of course, the very "crunchy" rulebooks, such as the old Basic Set itself, the two Compendium volumes, and GURPS Vehicles, are outdated. There's no way around that; that's the point of a new edition.

But most of the collection will still be completely useful. We'll keep a lot of them in print for at least the next couple of years; in fact, some older Third Edition books, like GURPS Greece, were just reprinted. See this ludography for a more detailed list of Third Edition books that are easy to use with GURPS Fourth Edition - and still in print!

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