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June 8, 2018: Your Next Shelfie Needs Munchkin Shelf Improvement!

Shelf Improvement

Munchkin fans, have you been in search of a bargain? You're in luck! We've bashed through the dungeon door and snatched a selection of Munchkin expansions from the evil dragon, then loaded a random assortment into the Munchkin Shelf Improvement mailer box. If you're a fan of rolling the dice and trying your luck, this new box is your chance to grab over $60 worth of Munchkin expansion packs for only $30. Best of all, the box itself includes a new Munchkin rule – bonus your way to victory! – and we've packed in a new two-sided Munchkin postcard that gives you even more ways to win.

We've produced a limited number of Munchkin Shelf Improvement boxes, and it is now available at Warehouse 23. We're also going to list this on the Warehouse 23 Amazon store, so you can also check there if you're looking to take advantage of free shipping; Munchkin Shelf Improvement will be on the Warehouse 23 Amazon store in the next week or two.

-- Phil Reed

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