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June 9, 2007: Stevie Gets Feedback

I got more mail about the Charles Stross pointer than I have for any Illuminator in a long time. A lot of you are fans who wanted to point out Other Cool Stuff he's done, and a lot more of you went "Ooo, this looks interesting." No, I didn't know about the book club edition that collects all the "Laundry" stories. It must be mine! Yes, he also invented the githyanki. Yes, one can also read online his short story "A Colder War", which is understated, convincing, and creepy, and the novelette "Missile Gap", which keeps popping up in my memory and making the day a bit colder.

Thanks also to the kindly correspondent who corrected my spelling on the Tentacle Protector report. It's "Tentakelschoner," not "Tantakelschoner." My original informant will be beaten. (Wait? What's that? He likes that? Okay, my original informant will NOT be beaten for a week. Sheesh.)

I am also advised that I may wear as many as I have tentacles. I am not sure how to take that.
-- Steve Jackson

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