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June 18, 2007: Munchkin Progress Report

Having added a couple of new people (to be precise, re-added a couple of old hands) in the past few months, we're beginning to ramp up the non-Munchkin development. More on that anon. But the Munchkin goodness is definitely on a roll. For one thing, every one of the card game products is back in print, and Munchkin Dice will be reprinted in the next few months.

You saw the announcement about The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin. Yeah, that's a long name, but we couldn't resist. Around here we usually call it just "Good Bad Munchkin."

Call of Cowthulhu is partially at the printers now (cards yes, rulesheet and box no).

And I'm about to take another hard swing at Munchkin Quest. Fun times . . .
-- Steve Jackson

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