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June 28, 2007: Austin Is Wet

We've been rained on every day for the past week. Currently, we're about 14" over normal levels for this time of the year. We're actually under a flash flood watch, and several roads were closed briefly due to water flowing over the bridge. However, if you have been reading the news about "18 inches of rain falling near Austin, Texas . . ." no, it's not THAT near. We have no reason to believe the office will wash away any time soon (cross your fingers). But right now we're really short on dusty trails and tumbleweeds.

There will, however, be some at Origins next week. SJ will be bringing a playtest deck of The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin for one of his events. If you're in Columbus on July 5-8, stop by and see what the munchkins are up to now.
Paul Chapman

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