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June 14, 2007: Too Much Fun With Twitter

The stated purpose of Twitter - to out-blog blogdom by letting you spam your friends with the minute-to-minute trivia of your life - arguably falls somewhere between "pointless" and "reprehensible."

But, as William Gibson noted, the street finds its own uses for things. Check out the way Phil and Kaja Foglio have turned this tool of Banality into a force for Silliness . . . Othar's Twitter.

If you're not already a reader of Girl Genius, then (a) why not? Start, already; (b) Othar Tryggvassen is a secondary character who is rarely on screen . . . but, as we see, he's off having his own exciting and demented adventures. Somehow, I fear that Othar is the only Twitter user who will be reporting the defeat of giant flying stoats. More's the pity.
-- Steve Jackson

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