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June 19, 2004: Index, Index, Index . . .

The new edition of the GURPS Basic Set goes to print soon. Very soon. Wednesday I got to do the index. As in, Moe said "I really need this tomorrow."

Well, it had been a while since I did an all-nighter anyway . . .

So. The index got done. I went home Wednesday evening and got to work, and Thursday a bit after noon I e-mailed it to the office. Then I put myself together, drove in, and delivered the marked copy. I am pleased to report three things:

  • Sure enough, after you've been off coffee for a while, it really, really works when you need it.
  • That's going to be an awfully nice pair of books. The copy I was working from was aaaaaalmost complete - a few of the illustrations remain to be done. But it looked GREAT. And, of course, I was proofreading as I went along, and I sure didn't find much, and most of what I found was on the order of "Think there ought to be a comma here."
  • The index was a pretty good fit for the space Andrew had allowed for it, in a readable size of type . . .
The books ought to go to press next week!
-- Steve Jackson

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