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March 4, 2004: Producer Wanted

Or something like a producer, in the computer game sense. We have all these great games that OUGHT to become videogames, and we are actually working, in various poorly coordinated ways, with various developers and programmers on various projects. That's not good enough; in 2004, we seriously want to make REAL progress toward releasing, or licensing, some computer games.

And the best way to do that, if we can afford it, would be to hire someone with experience and clue to join us and take over that whole area.

I don't have a job description; the successful candidate will know more than I do about what has to be done. The qualification would be "Significant experience in managing the successful development of computer games." And the mission would be "Work with our existing contacts and properties to make computer games happen . . . and see how far you can take it."

In other words, we want someone who has worked for a computer game publisher, and did well at it. But we are not (yet) a computer game publisher. There are significant differences. On the one hand, we don't work with million-dollar budgets. On the other hand, we don't spend millions of dollars on projects and then cancel them and fire the staff, which is one reason we've been around for close to 25 years and are, perhaps, more likely to survive for the next 25 than the average videogame studio . . .

If you're interested, send me a letter and resume. (If the resume is an attachment, please name it with your name; a stack of files all called resume.doc is a Bad Thing.) And if you know somebody who might qualify, please point them at this page. I'm thinking, for instance, that there may be people at Origin Systems who want to stay in Austin when their office here closes . . .
-- Steve Jackson

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