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March 31, 2004: Bobbing For Junk . . .

was what Michelle called it, as we all dug through the huge box full of Styrofoam peanuts, feeling around for the Stuff. But it was neat Stuff, not junk at all. A plush penguin. A huge impeller that might someday become part of a Chaos gadget. Lots of nice little bottles. And a Grabbing Claw Thing that will be very handy in Warehouse 23 if it's not used for Purposes of Evil (tm). And lots and lots of other things. How can this be junk?

In fact, it was my latest order from American Science & Surplus, purveyors of much neat Stuff since, as their catalog puts it, "about 1937." I recommend them highly. Honest advertising, an incredible variety of surplus items, fair (and sometimes really cheap) prices, good customer service . . . I occasionally find things there that I quite need. And I very often find things there that I don't need at all but that make my life immeasurably weirder. I like these people.
-- Steve Jackson

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