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March 11, 2019: Looking For Solo Adventure?

Over the last 18 months or so, we've seen an increase in demand for solitaire games. I have a theory on why this is: As more and more gamers post "shelfies" and start to realize how little they get to enjoy playing the games they have bought, several are looking for games that can be played solo. Those other games will wait until that once-a-month time when everyone can get together and sit down for a game session.

One of the better resources for those in search of solitaire games is the Solo Board Gamers group on Facebook. With over 15,000 users, the group is hopping with activity, and there is always someone ready to help you to answer the question: "Which solo game should I try first?" There's no shortage of answers, and I'll even take a moment to make a recommendation before you rush over to the Facebook group and join in on the discussion.

Grey Gnome Games' Desolate, where you take the role of an astronaut attempting to escape a station, comes in as my current top pick for modern solitaire adventure. The small, inexpensive box packs a lot of fun, and while others may not enjoy the randomness of dice and card draws, both are exactly my sort of thing. And look, kids, at the expansion packs and the playmat! You don't need any more than the base game to experience Desolate, but it's nice to know that there are expansions if you get into the game and want to vary the gameplay.

Check out the "Desolate Walkthrough" video, and then visit Grey Gnome Games to learn more about Desolate.

Do you have a favorite solitaire boardgame? Please tell us all about it in the forums!

-- Phil Reed

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