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March 17, 2019: Vs. Kickstarter: Roleplaying Games

Over a decade ago, I created a tiny little roleplaying game called vs. Monsters . . . in a 24-hour contest. The game turned out well, and I later took the core and created a larger, more-detailed game book and setting. I also offered up the underlying mechanics for anyone to use and, since then, there have been a number of games and supplements created by others for the vs. Engine.

Now on Kickstarter, Thomas Deeny is creating his own trio of vs. games. His campaign to create three small roleplaying games met its goal and is slowly gathering new supporters. Of the three games, I'm most looking forward to vs. Mirrorshades. I had my own idea for a cyberpunk game using the system, but it looks like I waited too long to take action. Which is just fine with me; I'm keeping busy enough as it is.

Check out vs. Kickstarter today! Good luck, Thomas!!!

-- Phil Reed

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