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March 20, 2007: New Ninja Warrior

It ain't Ninja Burger, but it's close . . .

Ninja Warrior (or Sasuke) is a Japanese game show that pits contestants against an obstacle course. But not just any obstacle course -- in addition to testing speed and stamina, this four-part tournament challenges each particpant's climbing and jumping abilities. To win, you must scale curved walls, climb nets, hang by your fingertips, swing on curtains, and complete a variety of other ninja-like tests.

The translators play this one straight, unlike the similarly themed Takeshi's Castle (also known as "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge"). Besides airing on cable, Youtube has a number of clips, including Makoto Nagano's winning run from last year -- he's only the second person to complete the course!

The new season begins this week; check your local listings.
-- Paul Chapman

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