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May 1, 2019: The Fantasy Trip: Decks Of Destiny Now On Kickstarter!

The Fantasy Trip Decks of Destiny

Now that many of you have received your Legacy Edition box, it's time for Decks of Destiny! What is inside the Decks of Destiny box set? Cards – lots of cards. As of the launch of the Kickstarter campaign earlier this week, the box comes loaded with over 250 cards packed with new adversaries, new treasures, new rumors, and more. These tools are useful for players and game masters, but there's more than just cards in the Decks of Destiny box. The set also includes:

  • New journals, where you can record info on the campaign and characters.
  • Six new sheets of illustrated megahexes, perfect for expanding your labyrinth. UPDATE: Make that seven – stretch goal unlocked!
  • Eight character-sheet bookmarks.

And that's just to start! As stretch goals are unlocked (seven down so far!), we'll pack more inside the box and the campaign . . . and that's where you come in. We need your support to make the Decks of Destiny box as big and heavy as we can manage, so please check out and join the Kickstarter campaign today. And if you missed out on earlier projects, there's a limited reward level that brings you everything for The Fantasy Trip that has been created by Steve Jackson Games since last summer. This is your shot at grabbing everything at once!

-- Phil Reed

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